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  • benb hizo un comentario,

    It's so funny when you make a valid point and someone comes back with "you're stupid"

  • benb hizo un comentario,

    @Joe Sorry your feelings are hurt. It's true. Good thing your opinion doesn't affect my servers. I'm not a troll by the way! And PLEASE link me to where you found 'it's against ToS'. It's not. Than...

  • benb creó una publicación,

    How to Help Stop The Spread (BLM Banner)

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say to you all that there is an option to help stop the spread of Discord propagating their agenda on us and that way is to simply start discouraging people from us...

  • benb hizo un comentario,

    There are quite a few alternatives now actually, I'm also looking into them. I won't name any simply because I don't want my account deleted yet, but look them up. Nice post though.

  • benb creó una publicación,

    Banning Nitro Users From Servers

    Hello, I'd just like to make it known that my colleague and I have made an agreement that we will now be immediately banning all nitro members from our servers. Why is this? We, the Discord communi...