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  • lvminary | Nico creó una publicación,

    Add a .rpm download for Linux

    Hello, currently you can download Discord as a .tar.gz and as a .deb file.We also have a lot of RPM based distributions out there and for consistency reasons it would be great if a rpm download wou...

  • lvminary | Nico creó una publicación,

    Support website | Add the Linux Tux to the footer next to Windows and macOS

    Hello, Discord is available for Linux since years but the support website doesn't have the Linux logo in the footer of the website. For consistency reasons, the Linux Tux should be added next to th...

  • lvminary | Nico creó una publicación,

    Discord, please get a partnership with Garticphone and Skribbl for the upcoming Activities feature

    Hello Discord team, I think it would be amazing to be able to play Garticphone and Skribbl directly in Discord through the new Activities feature. Best regards,Nico

  • lvminary | Nico hizo un comentario,

    Discover is a nice third-party solution. But I'd really prefer to get the official overlay for Linux. Please Discord devs! :(

  • lvminary | Nico hizo un comentario,

    I agree. Gaming on Linux is very important to support now.

  • lvminary | Nico hizo un comentario,

    Yep, this is indeed an issue with Discord on Linux. To fix this I suggest the Discord devs to use XSHM for screensharing. The recording software OBS uses XSHM too and it works completely fine with ...