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    Cancel messages removal

    Sometimes we post messages that are kind of precious and someone removes it. It’s be nice to be able to cancel the deletion so the message is back.

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    Discord looks lagging behind when we compare some features to iMessage & FaceTime... makes me sad, I’d love to have such things with Discord! Replying was introduced in iOS 9 or earlier..

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    We need these emoji! When we are on our Mac & iPhone we have a lot of emoji then we use them and Discord makes them hideous (the vomit 🤮 emoji looks horrible on desktop Windows, same for 🤷🏻‍♂️ for ...

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    Mac App Store / Microsoft Store

    When will we see Discord on the Mac App Store (especially with Project Catalyst) and on the Microsoft Store ? It’s really more convenient and Discord is already on Android / iOS...