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  • greenroc creó una publicación,

    Allow muting notifications by Group Calls

    Whenever a group call is started, I get a notification on my taskbar and in discord, even tho I have the group muted (see image, the group is greyed out).I'd like the ability to mute these notifica...

  • greenroc hizo un comentario,

    I just left a Discord group because of a role ping (not the first role mention from that group).I would have liked to stay in that group, but without the option to mute roles, I left instead.If dis...

  • greenroc hizo un comentario,

    I agree, I added my vote. A server I am in has been @ my role a lot more the last week or so. They do this when taking the group's game offline, and another mention when bringing the game back onli...

  • greenroc hizo un comentario,

    I would like this option. Voted up! I have a probelm with Discord not having this option "Mute channels by default". Today, I woke to see two pings in a channel created while I was asleep. My "role...

  • greenroc hizo un comentario,

    When I block someone, it is usually because they are causing me stress with their commentary, and I do not want to allow them to have access to reacting, for they might continue to harass me via re...