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  • Justin Reinhart hizo un comentario,

    This appears to be implemented now. How do I mark it completed?

  • Justin Reinhart hizo un comentario,

    Until this is fixed the "Server Mute" feature is effectively broken. Badges are pointless. I have to right-click unimportant servers and mark as read all day long. It is crazy that this isn't fixed...

  • Justin Reinhart creó una publicación,

    Disable server unread count badge

    Please just allow me to disable the unread count badge per server. Due to an oversight, role notifications still produce badge count and this is super annoying on giant servers. Badge count are mea...

  • Justin Reinhart hizo un comentario,

    Fix this. I'm on a massive server that has 40 games sorted as roles and I am tired of being pinged by people wanting to play a game. At least let me disable badges.