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    Ehh I always thought that added a level of stress if they're the kinda person who reads but needs more time to respond, so you don't always know why you're left on read. Though I won't deny the con...

  • SokkaBro hizo un comentario,

    Yeah that's what I was saying. Thats called formatting and it wasn't made with the intention of being used for the colored text aesthetic. That's why I'm saying it'd be cool if colored text came as...

  • SokkaBro creó una publicación,

    More Text Colors

    I feel like text formatting is too cumbersome to use if you just want different colors, and thats not even what that feature's purpose is for in the first place. It would be super nice to have a st...

  • SokkaBro hizo un comentario,

    Ehhh I kinda see that clashing with Discord's visual aesthetics if people could just change whatever their default text colors are, makes things feel messier in my opinion. But I could imagine it w...