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  • trashclown hizo un comentario,'s a fantastic alternative with many Nitro features being free - as long as you can deal with not having a search function. With no firm statement that Discord won't be integrating stupid...

  • trashclown hizo un comentario,

    CEO Jason's statement on Twitter was weak and noncommittal. You're still planning on incorporating Web3 awfulness. We need a clear, decisive statement that Crypto/NFT/Blockchain technology will nev...

  • trashclown creó una publicación,

    Reject Crypto in all its forms

    Crypto is a terrible technology with no applications, no meaning, and is nothing but a grift. Discord must make a stand and refuse to endorse it in any way, shape, or form. Jason Citron must step d...

  • trashclown hizo un comentario,

    Guilded is dope, good choice. If Discord goes ahead with this, my money stops.

  • trashclown hizo un comentario,

    Don't do it, please. I don't want to lose Discord, I use it every day, it's vital for me, but I can't possibly support a service that's buying into the NFT/crypto grift. It's a scam, you won't get ...