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  • Mark a stream as mature

    Some games (especially horror games) are something you'd probably want to be warned about before clicking. It'd be cool if we could optionally put a warning before our stream for anyone else joining.

  • Public experiments instead of (or in addition to) A/B testing

    When new features are in progress, we are almost never able to opt-in or opt-out. They are simply given to us randomly, usually without any indication that anything's different at all, and may some...

  • Allow us to toggle oauth2 permissions before accepting

    When connecting other services to your account, there's a lot of things they can do. Usually, this only includes your username and avatar (for basic identifying info) and sometimes a list of the se...

  • Invites that only one SPECIFIC person can use

    In the new website design, this line is present: "Your Discord server is your home, shared with only the special people you invite." However, there's a problem with that. When you create an invite ...

  • Channel perms management in ONE PLACE

    Your location in each tab is saved as you switch back and forth. Here are two mockups. Version 1 - Add channels to existing roles tab Version 2 - New tab for channel perms only

  • Make selling servers against TOS

    (I'm not sure if this kind of feedback is allowed, my apologies if it isn't.) I've been seeing it time and time again. Invite reward servers, scams, and even authorized apps (that people don't look...

  • Official Clyde commands

    Yesterday I revealed to reddit a roll command that was added to canary: https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/fwcw3p/they_see_me_rollin It's super neat, but a lot of people seem to be upset...

  • 1-use bot invite links

    Sometimes you want your private bot to be added to a server you don't have permission to invite it to, like so it can use the emotes or for some other reason. Currently, you'd have to set your bot ...

  • Remove popup when hovering over emoji in emoji picker

    On canary for the new dark picker, a giant popup blocks space that could be used for looking at more emotes. Keep it while searching maybe, but you can already tell what server an emote is from wit...

  • Make embed field names white again on dark theme

    They were changed to a quite ugly gray recently in canary. Look how they massacred my boy.