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  • [YT] €ΔǤŁ€ βỮƗŁĐ€Ř hizo un comentario,

    YES.This would be great.

  • [YT] €ΔǤŁ€ βỮƗŁĐ€Ř hizo un comentario,

    Absolutely!Even if Classic Boosts are only worth a partial boost (like 1/2 or 1/3 a full Boost or something), all Nitro users should be able to boost their servers!I mean, the full version of Nitro...

  • [YT] €ΔǤŁ€ βỮƗŁĐ€Ř hizo un comentario,

    I would love to have a Wumpus Funko!It would appeal to older Discord users more than the plushies they sometimes give out.Plus it would add more variance to the store and break the pattern of just ...