New colors and font make it extremely difficult for neurodivergent people (ASD, ADHD, others) to use Discord


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  • jinx's zed

    wholly agree, it literally hurts to look at

  • Hanro50

    I got a headache the other day trying to use this site.

  • kiru

    agree, i just saw this and i hate it way too much

  • optix_gta5

    yeah its horrible 


  • o1athe

    Agree, I shouldn't have to worry about getting dizzy from reading my friend's name in chat...

  • LexTheQueer

    YES! I’m withstanding the pain to try and leave feedback but it really hurts to look at that purple colour

  • Rain

    Fellow ASD person here. Yes, I 100% confirm with what you said. Even my neurotypical friends are having the same issues, and a fellow person with disabilities and migraines have it especially bad. It's so terrible the whole new layout. 

  • Hexenbalg

    Agreed, I have adhd and like.. i dont rly care about the logo change or whatever, but the color hurts my eyes, and pretty much all the ppl im friends with on discord server, also oftentimes neurodivergent n disabled, also have problems with it.

    The new pings and reactions I've reacted to also are bad for me, since I get easily distracted and my eyes drawn by contrast (even if it hurts) so it really disrupts the flow of chat for me. It's especially awful since it does it to all the pings that are not @ yourself? like why do pings that do not concern me have to be so visible and distracting? your own pings are already highlighted...(also apparently those messages d o n t get the same treatment and are actually less eyecatching than pings to others now too, from some testing weve done on a server im on)

    My friend who struggles with migraines couldnt look at discord with a slight headache bc it made them feel physically sick like they were gonna throw up.

    I think it's really sad that this so, so obviously wasn't tested, and the whole "be friendlier" charade with it feels especially bad bc it is the opposite of friendly for so many people. And looking at their tweet, they only seem to react to ppl liking the change, n telling some critical voices to "embrace the change" (but of course none that openly state they r neurodiverse and or disabled, ig itd be a bad look :^) ), with like,, only a few links to the feedback page in between,,,, i rly do hope that behind the scenes they r listening, especially seeing how flodded this section is with ppl experiencing issues, but i do fear s gonna be a "friendlier, by making it hard or impossible for neurodiverse and disabled people to use discord" kinda situation without changes :/

    n on the visual impairment side of things, its apparently also bad for ppl with colorblindness, on top of all the ppl experiencing eye-pain, headaches and migraines,,

  • arobbo28

    100% agree. This isn't just a negative gut reaction to the change. It's an accessibility issue. And its impact will last longer than a week.

  • ComicSads

    Can you tell me what browser plugin you have to reduce contrast on bright images? I got my first migraine in my life by trying to look at the rebrand, and I'd like for that not to happen again.

  • luafox

    Sorry ComicSads, it's my own personal browser addon that I wrote myself and it is far from being release-ready, it's really unfriendly to use right now and I haven't worked on it in forever but maybe I'll look at fixing it up in the future.

  • blur

    Agreed! Its bad, discord- and not only is it incredibly inaccessible, but its just plain ugly! You messed up, please do the dignified thing and fix your mistakes.

  • stalker

    I don’t like the new color at all. Please change back.

  • Tistan 01

    I don't even have that bad of a vision, but really, these colours are hurting to look at, man.

  • luafox

    Saw the get 302'd to the old branding and I just wanted to say thank you to Discord for reconsidering some of these changes (I personally like things like the new Clyde, but the older design is much less hostile). Going to append this to my original post as well.


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