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  • Moto Moto

    how tf do i do this tho


  • saturate

    Update: This actually already exists, but it is given at random to people who have discord nitro. For example I own discord nitro but I don't have it, i guess they just want to see how well it works rn :/

    the features: discord custom banner, "about me" section (like a bio)


    I have access to these features, along with others but i cant use them (even though i have nitro) 
    i dont know how or why i have these, even though i have nitro i cant use any of these features

  • Navo

    I would celebrate it that way. I'm a professional designer and when I see something like that, I love it.
    When that comes I stay Nitro forever <3

  • .

    And maybe it would also be nice to see the banners when you look at the more detailed profile as when you want to see the list of mutual friends. Sorry for the image xd

  • Nebula

    Waittt, this is actually a really good idea.

  • ekraze

  • 🌷Winter!🌷

    I really want this feature

  • tamababy

    ^ repeat, is this only for PC beta? Also, why only give to select few? When some of us have had nitro for way longer but still don't have this access?
    Might be me being salty, but been paying for nitro for quite a while and don't have this access and see new nitro users alrdy have it :/

  • eya

    man i was so excited for this feature since i have nitro classic but got disappointed that i need to upgrade to the other version of nitro to access it :(


    DNWMN Maybe u use Discord PTB or u activated Discord Experiments in the Past

  • 101.

    I got the banner and it’s really nicee

  • Porkskies

    I got the notification of the feature, i also have nitro and yet when i upload a banner nobody can see it, including myself when i view my profile, doesn't seem to work at all for me... 

  • ren

    Reply to CrisEmilick

    This is exactly what I want to know. Everyone keeps saying they are using it, but never outright say "I have nitro classic" all they say is "I have nitro and it works;;" I want someone with Classic to come out and simply say 'Yes. I have classic and I've been able to use it." If not. i'm just assuming us classic users will not be getting this feature;; 

  • ZozoNinja

    you wont get access just because you nitro user

    its full random how they give beta's

  • cookie_

    Note To Everyone:

    If you are on the latest build of Discord, you should be able to customize your profile, on Desktop. Editing profile iOS + Android will come later.

    Please don’t ask how to get profile customization, I just answered your question.

  • Oxy

    The fact that even nitro classic users can't change the banner to a still image feels like a spit in the face from discord. They could've had banners free for everyone, then animated ones for Classic or Full nitro, that would've made sense. They're trying to squeeze out as much money from a feature that's free on most other platforms. It's disappointing

  • Sky

    I do not have nitro yet I have the capability of putting my own bio. I am the only person I've found who can do this, I'm in 30+ servers and I couldn't find another person who has access.

  • Oh my! I was just about to make my own post detailing the same thing; I'm happy to know that this is a feature already in the works.

  • TM951

    Yes please add this, I want to have a custom banner and it would look really cool

  • Doglegs

    Actual good idea

  • michael!

    My Nitro expired and I got access to the feature. Subscribed to Nitro to get the banner and when I refreshed Discord, it went away. Someone help.

  • 阿恩

    i have the same problem also with @michael! i have the beta test ui when i didint have nitro, after i have nitro, it just disappeared :/

  • Miracle

    I got exact same problem, I've changed 'About me' message, once I've got nitro so I could change my profile banner, both features were gone.

  • Roboshka

    For those wondering what this could look like. Just have to modify resolutions to a 5:2 ratio.

  • ren

    I'm having a problem on my account where I have nitro classic but I can't upload an image. it has the 'unlock with nitro' green button, but when I click it, it doesn't allow me to 'subscribe' (cuz im already subbed). Is this only going to random nitro users right now?

  • 阿恩

    for now having problem with me also, I have reported to Discord, and they have fix the problem that your Discord customization disappear when redeemed or buy a nitro, update to the newest version Discord to fix this. 

  • TheSlicingSword

    Brooooo, that's so good I thought it was real for a sec hahaha, WE NEED THIS FEATURE DISCORD

  • Roboshka

    …it is real. It’s just in beta for certain nitro subscribers and I was one of the individuals.

  • chrisu

    @101. can you show us?



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