account hacked


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  • How did you even manage to contact the person who has your account?

  • Domai

    I had my identity completely stolen including email, amazon, paypal, bankaccounts, and discord and much more. The support team(basically AI bots at this point), keep automatically marking my tickets solved. It seems like discord is either losing a lot of money and doesn't have staff to actually look into creating solutions, or they just don't gaf. In my case, I don't have any form of social media other than Discord, so I've literally lost connection with some my my cousins and old friends. I officially hate this app.

  • Ferretdude07

    how? they saw me, and decided to talk.. they know they bought a stolen account, but they don't seem to care and are refusing to give it back.. going on and on about how they bought it and its meant for them…. and just now the names changed again


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