Discord account hacked and then my account got banned


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  • PixeI8edPlayer

    They banned me in March the same way and won't even tell me why my account is banned.

  • Chucacabrawow

    Bro sry to say but i don't have much faith that anyone will get their account back. I was in a similar situation. Lost an account that had nitro (got 2 months of use out of a 100$ year nitro). Took a month of waiting/complaining to get an automated “there's nothing we can do” and the account is deleted now.

    So when you get banned, you get a 30 day countdown until your account get's deleted. Once it's deleted they can't (or won't idk) restore deleted accounts. So if you get a response to the ticket you may be able to get your account back, but typically discord support is a bunch of lazy a-holes, so you will likely just get an automated response that they can't do anything. 

    And that's IF you get a response, it typically takes 3 months to get a response. They don't care how long you been a user, how much nitro you paid for, nothing matters. Maybe you will get lucky and get a response, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Sorry bro.

  • Rena Carper

    Hello Meszmatew LhiProviderPortal

    Here is a solution to your issue: 
    If your Discord account was banned due to a violation of Discord’s Community Guidelines, you can attempt to appeal the ban. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

    Submit an Appeal:
    Go to the Discord Support website.
    Select “Trust & Safety” for the type of help you need.
    Fill in your email address associated with the banned account.
    Choose “Appeals, age update, other questions” for the category.
    Select “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” and then “An action taken on my account”.
    Confirm that you’ve read the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
    Write a Polite and Sincere Email:
    Explain your situation, including the virus download and subsequent hacking.
    Mention your history with Discord, your role as a bot developer, server owner, and Nitro subscriber.
    Attach screenshots of the emails you received from Discord regarding the ban.
    Wait for a Response:
    After submitting your appeal, wait for a response from Discord’s Trust & Safety team.
    They will review your case and decide whether to lift the ban.

    Hope your issue is solved!!!

    Best Regards
    Rena Carper

  • Meszmatew

    I already sent a request but i didnt got response Rena Carper 


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