Account irregularly deactivated (spam)


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  • MightyworksforFidgy

    This happened to me as well! For whatever reason, i have not gotten even a receipt email that i had sent in my ticket. 

    If i had actually spammed, I'd love to know how. I've sent in 3 requests, and not one has been replied to. 

    At first, I was being banned from servers for “suspicious account activity”, then my account was disabled with no warning for the spam flag. 

    I hope you get your account back, man, this is outrageous. 

  • PixeI8edPlayer



  • PixeI8edPlayer

    I've had my account since 2015 too and they banned me the same way after my account was compromised and they spammed everyone I knew this was back on March 11th and this is the anwser they give me every time

  • Sayha 25

    What's that, man? What team is this that doesn't even analyze users' problems? Disappointed

  • PixeI8edPlayer

    yea sad part is I'm pretty sure my account will be deleted. On my Birthday too

  • sewest sewest


    It sounds incredibly frustrating to have your Discord account suspended unexpectedly, especially given your long history and significant role within the community. First and foremost, it's important to keep communication lines open with Discord's support team. Since you've already submitted a ticket, it might take some time for them to respond due to the volume of inquiries they handle daily. Patience here is key, although it's understandably challenging given your situation.

    In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to potentially expedite this process:

    Follow up on your initial ticket: If you haven't received a response within a reasonable timeframe, consider sending a polite follow-up. Sometimes, additional nudges are necessary to get the attention of support teams.

    Check your email's spam folder: Ensure that responses from Discord support aren't being mistakenly redirected to your spam or junk mail folder.

    Reach out via alternative platforms: Try contacting Discord through other channels like their official Twitter support account. Public posts can sometimes receive quicker responses due to their visibility.

    Gather evidence: Compile any relevant information or screenshots that demonstrate your adherence to Discord’s rules. This will be useful when you manage to get in touch with a support agent.

    Community Help: Since you're a moderator of a large server, consider asking fellow moderators or server admins if they've experienced similar issues and how they resolved them.

    As you navigate this situation, it might also be beneficial to learn free skills online regarding digital communication and platform management. Websites like Coursera and Udemy offer courses that could enhance your understanding and capabilities on platforms like Discord, making you even more effective in your moderator role once your account is reinstated.

    Maintaining an active role in learning and adapting to the digital environment not only helps in personal growth but also ensures you're up to date with the best practices in community management and digital communication.

    Lastly, remain proactive but patient. These situations can be stressful but are often resolvable with persistent and informed communication. Hopefully, your account will be restored soon, and you can return to your moderating duties and reconnect with your community on Discord.


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