Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • Scrabbleship

    How has this not been implemented yet?

    Discord wants more and more to be a social media app, yet every other social media app out there (Reddit, FB, Twitter) allows multiple accounts to be signed in at once.

    Maybe Discord should've spent less time on putting together a rebrand no one wanted and more time on features that have thousands of upvotes.

  • kokomo

    Google smart lock on my Android even somehow manages to allow my work account to ping me when I'm logged into my fun account. I get alerts from the account the app doesn't have me actively logged into! But to reply I have to log out of my fun account and log back in under work to get to it. Anyone else have this happen?

    Also, to be fair, a rebrand project is likely handled more or less by an entirely different department than implementing multiple logins would require, but still, seeing nice-to-have features getting rolled out when this need-to-have feature is ignored still isn't great.

  • Okeanos - Artix

    C'mon Discord, do this already.... What the hell


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