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    Also an option to password protect DMs or the entire app even would be nice

  • D

    With the proper roles and permission set up, you should be able to customize your server beyond what a pw protected channel should be able to utilize. 

  • username
    just give people a role instead of a password
  • 彩虹喵

    Adding passwords can be used in events, and managing other users in the server. Changing roles is such a large work when you have fifty or more people to edit, besides if the channel is a single-use, you don't wanna change all the users roles back. I believe that adding in the password feature is a benefit to most of the Discord users.

  • Kat21

    Possibly you could have a bot in a different channel and if you type an incorrect password it would say something like this Or possibly a pass-code system with a 4-digit code you  give to people.

  • Purrfected

    Bots are only temporary ugly fixes for problems like this.

  • undermaster.
    Just make a role that only people with the role can have access but I'll give this a go, great idea! Upvoted!
  • lengo
    Could be cool.
  • sokowirówka14

    You can have a private channel which is remaining unseen as long as you don't give the proper permissions to the management 

  • thetechguy
    just a mae a channel private for a role.
  • Philip™
    Good Idea! I would like that.
  • Thyssyk

    I love password protected rooms.


    Roles are great to set up long term, permanent solutions to access restriction for communities with a full time moderation team. Password protected rooms are great because they allow easier access to new members that you want to give permissions to even if you can't be on hand to give them the role they need. Or in off hours situations where someone needs access to a channel but they can't get into it, any member of that channel can help them access it instead of a few key people.


    Ideally putting in the password would add the role, much like the password bots do. And changing the password would remove the role from everyone.


    It's a simple thing, but a nice quality of life improvement. There isn't any good reason to not make it a feature, they just don't need to because there are bots out there that handle it already. And they have their minds on ways to make more money not improve QOL in such minor ways.

  • jenstay

    I want this feature because I would love to have the ability for lower-level roles to be able to keep the highest level roles out of a locked room.  Like only Person A and Person B can enter a room, while even though Person C has a higher-level-role, they'd have to plug in a 4 digit password to view the channel

  • iRoX

    "Really though? Setting up roles and permissions work better in all of your private server needs. Just sayin'" 

    I don't know how to setup roles etc, to make it same like simple password for channel. I mean - in my guild server we have diffrente roles for every rank, some players would like to talk with friends at private channel, but everybody with higher rank can join it, or if is it guild channel - i need to setup ranks for ppl who doesnt use our guild discord but want to join and talk with friends. Another thing if our guild make some pug raids, everybody can join our channel even peoply who are not in the raid, and it's a nonsense to set ranks for 40 players who joined our raid only once, so password for channels would be very nice idea, and I think its not so hard to create for you

  • BM

    I'm currently developing a bot for temporary password protected voice channels for people who wants to talk with their friends in private without having the staff of the discord server to give them special roles and create channels. People who are interested can send me a DM (BM#5345).

    I'm not planning to give a lot of people access to it, because I'm building it on my own and it's my first discord bot project.

  • Vuletic

    It's very good idea, and i want to see it in new versions of discord.

  • Montana_Jim

    If I wanted a place for only my students to meet a password is FAR easier.

  • NewEra

    2 years have already passed, I don't think we'll ever see these features. so sad

  • Einhander

    Bumping because I was going to create a post suggesting the same thing :/

  • Reaver

    must be thing c'mon. i don't wanna create temporally role and add manually 40 people to join my voice channel each time, i want to say pcw in game party chat so randoms can join me and nobody else.

  • Crildon777

    Need Password functionality.  Those who are saying "Just create a role" are dealing with a small non changing group of people obviously. 


    We need to be able to run a channel FOR AN EVENT that needs to be password protected where we can give a large # of people the password for THAT 1 time event. THEN change the password for the next event. 
    (PVP large scale battles in MMO games that involve people from different guilds but same factions) 

    Not going to micromanage large numbers of people for each even when we should be able to just create a channel, password protect it, and then give out the password to the people involved for that specific event.

  • xSh0gun

    THIS NEEEDS TO BE A THING! STOP SAYING "MAKE A ROLE" you guys CLEARLY DONT RUN A DECENT SIZE COMMUNITY !!!! This is literally a KEY feature that is missing stop the BS make a role excuse cuz THATS A LAZZY Response!!!!


    Exactly what the two previous guys have said.. Password protected channel is a MUST !!!! 

  • Dadinator007

    Imagine This:

    You have a discord server committed to role-playing games and a voice chat configured for everyone to see.  Now, you want everyone to see the voice channel, because it lets everyone know that there is an ongoing game, and they can post in text chat that they want to join the game.

    To prevent random people in the Discord from joining and being "hey guys, what's up?", and ruining the emersion of the game, but to also allow people to see that there is a game going on, the DM or GM password protects the voice chat to prevent randoms from joining the game.


    Being able to allow someone to password protect a channel (and not having to give everyone in the discord server access to add/remove roles from people) to prevent people from joining but allowing people to see that a game is running would be fantastic.

  • Sir Vyvre the Lone

    …but can't people just leak the password? It doesn't seem practical to me.

    Anyway, there is now a way to add users to channels specifically, in the same manner as roles, without a password. This seems to achieve the desired result.


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