Show Date at the Beginning of Channel in Compact Mode


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  • Sonicwave

    The reverse should also be true; in Cozy mode there should be an option to display the time as well as the date, since after a week only the date is displayed and not the time.

  • ._.

    If Sonicwave's suggestion were true, it would only show the time of the first message sent by a user in that hour. That is better, but still deceiving as the messages afterward that are grouped with it could be sent up to 59 minutes after without distinction. It would look messy with every message timestamped in Cozy. Compact mode is the appearance designed so that every message could be labeled with the time, rather than grouping together every message before the turn of a new hour like Cozy mode does. Right now that timestamp on every single message is one of the main reasons I use Compact.

  • Martika14

    This also goes for direct messages: if you only had a DM conversation with someone one time, then there is absolutely no way to tell what date it occurred without changing your display setting to the infuriatingly falsely named "Cozy mode". (There ain't nothing cozy about each message taking up half my laptop screen.)

  • grumpysnayl

    Yes PLEASE! This is making Compact unusable...

  • UnknownStuffs

    Bump, I was considering trying out Compact mode for a little while and I immediately noticed this problem with a newly created server I joined. Thankfully it seems that hovering over the timestamp shows the date, but it's a bit irritating that the first day of messages doesn't show the date as the others do.


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