Option to Suppress Notifications from Blocked Users


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  • solitha

    Whether or not to see "1 BLOCKED MESSAGE" in chat should be an option, yes, but is not the same issue, and should probably be on its own feedback thread.

    The issue here is that Discord is showing unread-message notifications when the only thing "unread" is a blocked message. Only activity from unblocked users should result in notifications.

  • Knives

    Honestly I still feel removing the "blocked message" item from chat would still work out better than still seeing it. It should (in a perfect) world also mute any notifications from that person in a server as well. 


    "Blocked message" from a person I blocked just defeats the purpose of blocking that person, as I still see that they are talking despite the fact that a person may not want to deal with that infividual(whether they be toxic or otherwise). If anything it focuses on that person even more. 

    So I'm going to upvote this, as I was the one that said blocked messages should be gone twitter, and hopefully Discord will implement this into the suggestion.

  • SkarletRaven

    Agreed to this. I blocked a particularly problematic user on a very active server I'm on, and it's irritating to see notifications for new messages showing up, only to find out it was from the blocked user and not other people. I'd like to not be distracted by someone I've purposely gotten out of my circle.

  • Loubhin

    I definitely agree that there should be an option to remove or completely hide blocked messages, too. But it should be an option, not the default. I've used chat clients in the past that by default just hid all the messages from blocked users and it made group conversations a nightmare to navigate. 

    Could also be nice to like, have an option to bar yourself from being able to see what the blocked message says. Lots of ways this could work out better. 

  • Minneyar

    I tracked down how to submit feature requests specifically for these exact isses.

    1. Please don't display notification lights when blocked users are talking.
    2. At least make the "blocked message" box smaller; right now it takes up more space than an actual message does

    I, like others here, am on a server with one particular really annoying user whom I have blocked, and it's frustrating that I still have to check the room to clear the notification light and see whether anybody other than him was talking.

  • Kalliste

    Yes! This is driving me crazy right now with a user who posts ALL the time on a server. I blocked them because I don't want to see their posts, I don't want to be notified every time they post something.

  • Karew

    I was honestly surprised when I blocked someone and they still caused the channel to become unread when they posted. Please don't send notifications/set unread for blocked messages. It only draws attention back to the person you blocked.

  • Knives

    Oh, absolutely. An option to remove "blocked message" from the chat would be even better than it'd give people a choice if they want to see it. It should be a settings option and not a server option though, cause you and a person you block can be in different servers.

    And I've dealt with chat clients that didn't even let you block people, so I know the nightmare.




  • disies

    This. I really would like to see that as an option

  • 1Desk

    Definitely need this. I'd rather not be constantly notified by the people I blocked for a very good reason. 

  • aphirst

    It remains absurd that this still isn't straightforwardly implemented. It's almost like people block others for a reason. Please reconsider this ridiculous design anti-decision.

  • dillingham

    Well I know the've seen this because my message was removed lol

    Seriously, add proper blocking!

  • Danny

    Okay, since I've come across this, I'll tie my post into this to further support the feedback.

    Ever had to block a user on discord only to have a huge "1 BLOCKED MESSAGE" taking up your entire screen whenever they talk? - If you're like me, you resort to simply not blocking them due to the message/space/separation left behind and would rather wipe them from existence instead. /s (Notifications, etc)

    So to the proposal. Whenever a user blocks another user, you have the option (preferably in the settings) to opt-out of the "X BLOCKED MESSAGE(S)" notification. It'll save a lot of frustration in the long run.

  • JohnSiris

    This option is desperately needed, however I fear that they will simply CLOSE this thread, claim it's a Duplicate of a past thread, link to it (which is ALSO closed for comments)... 

    I find this complete lack of openness by the community managers and devs to be VERY disturbing, as if they are trying to sweep the issue under the rug, and silence those who are speaking up, over and over and over.   

    I fear the only way for this to be resolved is through making it a legal issue, wherein Discord is refusing to update their platform to conform with international privacy and cyber bullying laws. 

    If they wont update their platform out of being supposed "decent people", than they may have to be forced via lawsuit.  (and before you start spouting off "you don't HAVE to use Discord", know that there is plenty of legal precedent for having an online platform change their privacy features to comply with the law, despite being "voluntary usage".) 

  • ianm

    Hi devs 👋 would love to not get notified of messages from blocked users ^_^

  • spectrum

    Please surpress notifications when a blocked user speaks. It's so annoying!

  • Eskilador

    I'm having the same issue. I don't mind the option to see what someone I've blocked says.. I just hate being notified when someone I've blocked says something in a public sever. I've blocked their presence for a reason. I don't want notifications when they open their mouth. I want to be able to choose my awareness of their presence..

  • Ammoth

    Well, I was gonna make a post about this but apparently there's already a topic, so: this.

    I would like two things:

    1) the option to toggle whether the "x 1 blocked message - show message" notification shows up or not.
    At the moment I can always look at blocked messages and for someone with poor impulse control like me this kind of defeats the purpose. I block people because I don't want to see their messages. In fact, I'd like to not be made aware of their presence at all. The current system feels like it highlights them instead, because their messages show up "different" from the rest.
    I can understand that some people would like the option to see blocked messages, hence why the notification should be toggle-able.

    2) I would like not to receive a notification when a blocked person posts in a channel. Again, same argument as before, this just serves to highlight their presence when I'm trying to see them less. Here for example, I have someone blocked bc they post a lot in a channel I don't want to mute but only to complain about petty things. Most people don't even reply to them. I want notifications when other people are talking, but I don't want to be notified every time they post something petty that will largely go ignored anyway.

    The fact that this thread is two years old is kinda disheartening, though :/ You'd expect a platform geared towards gamers - a community well known for having a lot of petty, aggressive, rude behaviour - to have better content filtering options.

  • Acrivec

    How many years do we have to wait for such basic functionality?

  • Rike

    Please, please, please, I don't want notifications from blocked users. I don't care about the little message, but the notification is incredibly annoying. 

  • Chaos Lord

    I hope Discord replies to this request....

  • Yuren Dae Demesejha

    This shouldnt even be a question. This really needs to be amended soon.

  • Kumbi

    Years later and they won't make the amend to this problem. Ridiculous. This is one of reasons why I won't buy Nitro. If you guys did, I will in order to support Discord. But right now, no. 

  • Agent_Ash

    Still? STILL? Yes, I still have to see a red dot notifying me of new messages—when in fact they are messsages from blocked users. Is it really that hard to implement? I can live with "new blocked messages" in the chat, but I do NOT want to see notifications in the taskbar or the list of channels when somebody I blocked says something. I don't want to go and have to have a look there only to learn that nothing actually relevant happened there.

  • smodtactical

    At lease let us disable the 'show message' option. Why wouldn't we be able to delete that ?

  • OmegaNemesis28

    Why is this still a thing? Just give users an option to prune the messages from the UI, leave it as is for anyone who still wants it as default? This is 2020, it can't be that hard to do.

  • amanda

    I only realized this was a problem after I started joining more servers and blocking more people, and it's unfortunate to see that people have been having the exact same gripe for years. There's no way around it. I agree completely with Ammoth.

  • Johann

    I too wouldn't mind an update on this. I'm in a server with a spammy person, it gets exhausting despite blocking them.

  • Soos

    Clarification on that last post: it does NOT filter out the blocked message notifications. It only removes the blocked messages banner. As far as I know, blocked message notifications must be suppressed on Discord's end. The given reason for leaving this issue alone is that the notification system was never designed to differentiate between blocked and unblocked messages, so it's harder to fix than just flipping a switch.

  • solitha


    Here... it's easier to show than to describe. https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/asdul7/how_can_i_quickly_clear_all_these_random/

    All those red "unread message" numbers, those are the notifications in question.

    The issue for our thread is that blocked messages are included in those message counts, so you might check a server or a channel showing new messages and find nothing but blocked banners... which Discord already knows you didn't want to read because they're blocked.


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