Custom Modal


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  • brain
    You can already do this using widget.json in the API.
  • Alexandra ×

    Allowing this is a security risk and as such Discord will NOT implement this.

  • Aztec

    I apologize for the long response, I have been very busy and not had a chance to catch up on this topic.

    It would not actually be a security risk depending on how it was implemented.  For instance if the modal itself was done through a rest service such as what spring does for queries and it can only communicate to the bot you remove most of security issues. I do not see the security risk because all a modal is is a popup window that makes calls through something like Thymeleaf to the bot itself.  No matter what you're still going through the API provided by discord.  

    Brxxn, I think your misunderstanding what we're trying to achieve a widget and a modal are not the same thing.


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