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  • Torbjörn

    Honestly you'd need a lot of words to be filtered if you're trying to make a server PG or G rated. You'd be better off using a bot since filtering messages would be rather resource intensive for Discord. You'd also have more flexibility unless Discord added RegEx support.

  • PaulBags

    This is what bots are for.

  • Alexis
    I like the idea^^
  • Dora

    Yeah, I agree.

    Very good idea.

  • Zacatero
    I mean I get what you mean like this is a different idea than custom censor but a custom censor would still achieve this all the same
  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    so basically what this is trying to do is take away our freedom of speech. makes sense for a chat room.



  • KeelynWolfdancer74

    I'd like to see a profanity filter we can turn on for our own profile... something that filters chat for me whatever server I happen to be on.

  • Zacatero
    While I definitely agree those terms are bad, I am a firm believer of if you do not agree or like the content of a server, you should leave the server.
  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    so you're defending your opponent.

  • Teamy

    Got a source on that first point?

  • morryatay

    yeah nah, the moment you start banning words because you feel sad is the moment you admit you have not mental capacity and emotional strength to deal with these things, a ban is an admitance of defeat of one's own ability to deal with the "harmful word" in question


    1. it's a damn slippery slope once you start banning words (china has banned winnie the pooh)
    2. a discord server can set and enforce it's own in house rules on top of discords already set rules
    3. if you know older people on discord they do actually occasionally use faggot in it's correct sense (a bundle of sticks)
    4. without implementing a bot that scans through DM's and servers (probably breaking privacy policy) probably not the nicest thing to to...

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    block messages

    content: "world of light"



  • Tedder

    I'd like this to extend to emotes too if possible. My friends like to add the most horrible emotes to their servers and I don't want to see them.

  • Kyrie

    I NEED this for my PTSD...

    I think it would be good if maybe the word/phrase could just be automatically applied with the "spoiler" feature? At least for private DMs

    I would greatly appreciate this being implemented asap, so I can have much fewer panic attacks and PTSD episodes.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    except the filter is the way to deal with the things?

  • Fruit

    servers should be able to turn on filters for that server such as a toxicity filter, any swearing filter, or only heavy swearing or offensive language a good filter reads context too, not just a list of words.

  • EVAN
    Bots can't edit users messages, just saying
  • Zeir

    I'm neutral for the simple fact that there are bots that do this function for you and I don't believe in censoring a persons speech, however if it is overly excessive, then yes something should happen...

    Having this feature could be used to abuse someones speech just because a certain admin or whoever may not like a certain word and it could only be them that doesn't like it.

    If I may add onto this, maybe instead of like a server implement, add it into the personal functions so that other people may see the word that you do not want to see? Like under where you change your chat language it could go there and ask if theres any words you would like to filter out? 


    Sorry to add onto and impede your suggestion if you see it this way! Just wanted to give my feedback and maybe add onto how it could be added in a different way.

  • KevinWolf

    I love how people against this are getting like 10 or more downvotes LOL

    Anyways, i completely agree. Bots delete the ENTIRE message and people get frustrated because they have to retype the entire thing. Plus, bots always break and go offline anymore, so they're not reliable for these kinds of things. I really think Discord should implement an optional and customizable word filter.

  • memo

    Dude, it really would be great if we had a custom profanity filter. Not only in servers tho, groups and pm's too... And it would be EVEN BETTER if we can customize it and yeah, I don't think that needs some hard work to do...

  • HyperXWolf7640


  • Lol_Not_Rose

    gottie lol

  • pinkord42

    It would be abused
    People could replace common words and make people say things they wouldn’t say. If something like this was added it should just be a censor

  • InsertAccountNameHere

    Could this be added individually too? Like, if I joined a discord server I have no control over, can messages individually be censored for me?

  • Mariommsfilho

    Funny How some parents can't complain about this Update

  • Star

    Highly disagree that this should be an only server side thing done by bots.

    Example situations that this would help for:
    - when a new game/movie/etc is coming out and I don't want spoilers, it'd be highly useful for me to be able to hide chat talking about certain key words
    - a server is not always in line with what profanity you want blocked
    - tired of hearing someone talk about a certain thing

    There ought to be client-side filtering that allows you to, upon a certain word being used in a message:
    - block the entire message
    - spoiler the word
    - censor the word (replace with **** or something)

    With a per-word granularity on these settings.


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