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  • TheFutureKnight
    Agreed if the standard login way doesn't get touched and only add the QR code as a bonus Security bump or replace 2FA if you want with the QR code.
  • MipaDJ

    Well that is the point - the goal of my of my idea was to login just by scanning the code with a phone where you're already logged into discord. So when you open up discord you could have the login formula on the left and on the right a qr-code to scan. So you won't be forced to login with it but rather that you can choose between logging in by details or just scan with your phone. So if you don't have the phone with you there was still the classic way to log in or if you have it you'd just use the "hacker" way to login by open the discord app and use a qr scanner to replace entering the details.

  • Shiro

    yeah, that's will be really good, that will turn more easy to login only scanning the QR-Code instead of writing the login and password, because this is very boring

  • bastet_of_orion
    I think this would be a good idea if it weren't the sole login method - either in combo with regular log-in or as part of 2FA, but not by itself.
  • That's another security vulnerability. QR Code manipulation...

     Obviously add 1s and 0s to form malicious JavaScript  

  • Parzival

    This was recently added.

  • Hexagon

    Verified that I have most current version of phone and desktop client, but don't see an option to "scan a QR code". Tried pointing the camera at it, tried looking through the settings menu, can't find anything that would let me scan the code I'm seeing on desktop. Frustratingly, the support article search comes up with this request, along with instructions for logging out, or enabling 2FA. Anyone figured out how to scan the QR code presented?

  • cr1t1cal err0r

    Not sure what phone you have but on the iphone you open your regular camera app and it will pop up with a notification on what youd like to open the QR code with (if youre already logged in to the app that is) you select discord and then it pops open in app and it gives you the option of tapping its me let me in. Thats it. It logs you into your desktop right then.

  • arion

    Update Discord from the PlayStore, it shows here!


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