Mobile indicator on Android


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  • Patrick61804

    How about iOS, would like it there as well

  • ƞoor ♡

    please remove this feature it’s completely stalkerish - and unnecessary. at least give us the option to toggle it on and off. I really hate it so much

  • ♥Martin♥

    Yeah I agree with Noor, its kind of stalky and id prefer it gone

  • ƞoor ♡

    i hate it so much and it makes me and others so uncomfortable. please make it an option to have at least why must everything be forced upon us :/?

  • pet

    I really hate the shown on mobile feature, please remove it. It is very unnecessary and not everything should be known if you dont want to be seen on mobile or desktop. ^^

  • Lengo
    Great idea! Or maybe just a Desktop indicator on mobile.
  • Rexowogamer

    I have a few thoughts:

    • Bring it to iOS too.
    • Make it an opt-out.
    • Maybe a distinction between iOS and Android devices on the icon?
  • LunarShadows

    I can't see why there would be any worthwhile reason for a distinction between iOS and Android since it'll just lead to people fighting over "bro ypu use that phone? wow can't believe it.."

  • DeadBot

    I think its better to have a Mobile badge that we have rn than to be diverse and have a badge on what device we are on.

  • gαмєвσу

    I second this.

    It is interesting how the mobile indicator works perfectly on the Desktop Client, but we don't have it in the Mobile App.
    Well, for now, the best we can do is wait.

  • Storme the Cat

    I hope this comes in an update soon. It seems it wouldn't be difficult to do.

  • Disconnected

    You know i posted this exact feedback 10 hours ago :|


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