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  • Alexis

    AlYeah I agree with that, seems like a good idea ^^

    No idea the reason of that strange stuff, I guess they omitted a check in their script...

    Confirmation of it not being a bug:

  • ||Jojo||
    There was a check/error message when teams were introduced, maybe it got removed accidentally (it was working on 8th January if that helps)
  • My friend whitelisted me and I accepted it but what do U do from there we both have eno clue and if someone could help would be appreciated

  • PuruShotHim

    i cant invite anyone when every i try it just says "404: Not Found"

    pls helpp

  • deky

    Puru's World I have the same issue ;(

  • cqbra

    Puru's World, deky. Im having the same issue. Ive gotten the bot verification thing but I need to add my friend. Giving me the 404.

  • Jakub

    I have the same problem, i sent invite to a person, they clicked on the link from the email, but in the browser only blank screen appeared and in developer portal the invitation is still pending. The same goes for teams. Does even app whitelisting work these days?

  • ColeTMK

    When i click on "accept invite", it just sends me to a blank screen. How can i fix this?

  • Leonoell

    Can someone please let me know how or when the blank screen glitch gets fixed? Thanks.

  • gx1285

    A blank screen bug is not a bug and a blank screen will be displayed if you haven't done two-step verification.


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