Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)


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  • Nanyo

    Another +1 

  • Matthew

    I like the ideas, though maybe make the bio longer as some people may include blank lines and spacing to make their bio more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

  • snowyboy

    Let people change their profile image for specific servers and group chats, like nicknames

  • Vortex1000

    Yes! Good idea mate!

  • Kriss

    This is something I would like as well.

    A representation of yourself.

  • ℳ𝒽𝓮𝓮𝓉𝓾 ✔

    Honestly, I'm surprised this isn't already a feature with how long Discord has had to mature now... Slack shows user local times in the profile card that appears on click, it'd be super helpful to have this functionality in Discord too.

  • TimThe
    this could lead to people using this feature to advertise there server or whatever they wan't which is against the rules in most servers
  • hiccups

    My profile should be more than my name and my social connections. I like to express myself. We need this!

  • thunder33345

    Also it should be 100% optional and allow user to set/change zone and "active time"

    allowing change zone for incase discord just detected the wrong thing

    optionally allowing setting an "active time" because not everyone is awake just because the sun is on

    and also allow visibility options, like to friends, to everyone in this guild for example

  • バレリアン

    What about merging profile of content creators with that ? I mean, look at Steam. If you are developer you can set up a page for your company, but it would be neat to merge that with future? detailed user profile as for example "Senior artist on thegameyouareworkingon at thecompanyyourworkorrepresent" The possibility to anchor a server to it ect. I mean, as content creator, i'd love to have that. Oh and one of the things that make me unable to leave steam is my "time spent on that game..." i know. Useless so essential.

    But this is just a suggestion. I support the idea of getting a better profile than what we have actually!

  • chloroform chloe


  • chloroform chloe

    This is a dupe of Just upvote that if you wanna pitch into the idea.

  • chloroform chloe

    What? This targets such a specific audience. This woulden't benefit Discord globally.

  • Ƨnow

    I 100% support this idea. Having the ability to set a DND/Away status with 'Currently X' would be helpful!

  • Kerrchak

    I made a post for a different idea regarding displaying the local time on a text message and it got merged into this thread stating "this has already been suggested" and no, it most definitely isn't. My idea is most definitely not related to the user's profile.

    My idea was to be able to display your local time as text when you read the message so that no matter who reads it, it would show as that person's current local time.

    For Example: "@everyone How about a raid this Saturday night at <21:30 displaylocaltime> for anyone who is interested"

    For me, it would show up as 9:30pm but for someone else in another time zone it would show up as whatever their local time at that time would be. e.g. if someone on the west coast saw it, it would show up as 7:30pm for them. This would make it so that anyone who sees this message can immediately look at the time and determine whether they can make it or not instead of having to calculate the time difference between time zones by looking at everyone's profiles.

  • 24680FPIC

    [@Thunder33345] I'm not too sure about the "active time" idea, as this could just be replaced with the statuses that everyone's grown to love next to people's profile pics. Scheduling may be difficult, as lives are complicated and don't necessarily follow a specific order each day or even each week. Sounds like extra clutter to me, sorry.

    [@Kerrchak] What about where times posted by a user have a special marker or highlight on them that, when hovered over, displayed the time converted from their time zone (if applicable) to your time zone. And instead of doing <21:30 displaylocaltime>, how about just simply <21:30>. Therefore, you could see what time they were at and what time you will be at that time in their time zone. Maybe an automatic formatter if they type in the time without greater than or less than signs? Not everyone knows about formatting, so that might help. If no AM/PM marker is presented, it shouldn't substitute one in as that could cause confusion. Context clues or just asking questions should be enough.

    I've made some concept visuals to show you what I'm thinking. Think of the person viewing as someone in PST and me as a person in EST.

    All of this should be toggleable as a setting in Appearances, of course.

  • Yasmin Seidel

    I made a example code to help the idea :3

  • thunder33345

    [@24680FPIC] i think i envisioned it a little bit like slack,
    on slack it adds an "moon" icon beside your name if it's past sunset, what bugs me is there's no configuration for it, basically good luck to anyone who is more active at night
    like to me it would been better if i could just declare when i was under "active time" and shows the moon icon beside me indicating i probably shouldnt be disturbed

    in some way call it an timer based DND, it dose not replace or alter your own status, you can be online while under "inactive"
    it adds a moon icon besides your name for people who can see it
    user can also alter to suppress notifications or not, maybe adding (1PM EST-11PM EST) befoe the user's time (3:15:41 PM EST in example above)

    i feel like this is kinda offtopic and i am rambling in some sense, but i feel the need to reply just to make it clear what i was asking for

  • bastet_of_orion
    I like this idea a lot, and so long as there's an accompanying ability to report icon text for breaking ToS, I think this would make a great addition to Discord.
  • Alexis
    I like the idea
  • Lucie The Lord(I'm tiny)

    Like a little page on your account that only you can write on but others can see.

  • Sledgend

    After thinking about this, I wonder why it hasn't been done yet. A bio would be absolutely wonderful for a platform based around game community. It seems so obvious.

  • saintgideon

    Definately. I like to tell people when I'm offline studying so they don't worry when I'm not responding to them, but it can be really hard to do in large groups.

  • SunnyFlare

    I was saying the same thing yesterday. This would definitely come in handy, I think.

  • bobmarley

    i would also love this feature!

  • darkmastermindz

    I think this would be cool like a shared MMORPG quest sharing with hypesquad in mind.

  • Blastoise186
    This suggestion has been recovered after it got deleted by mistake. Sorry about that!
  • Dora

    Good idea.

  • EC

    no mod response?


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