Invite to join current voice channel


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  • Kot Gamerowsky

    Good idea! 

  • Matt

    I have this issue with my wife and my dad all the time. They are already both members of my server. But they can't seem to ever find the server, click on it, and join in a timely manner. It would be nice if I could just right-click them, and say "Invite to Current Channel" (or something like that), and they would get a big notification on their screen that they can just click OK and be auto-inserted into the channel.

  • Draco
    This is possible by creating an instant invite on the current voice channel you're in and sending the invite to a friend. However, if somebody isn't in the server it will make them join and join the voice channel.
  • Lassesjov

    Draco, I do know this is an option, but this could be a much quicker and easier way.

  • Dynameis Chen

    better if who been invited got a calling sound like private call

    just like Skype did

  • slevin

    this feels like a feature that few people think about wanting, but would be very convenient for many people

    please consider, discord team


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