NITRO boosting cooldown


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  • Joni

    If it didn't work that way, there would be no need for the cooldown. The whole purpose of the cooldown is making users to engage in a specific community, instead of constantly hopping from supporting server to another and disappointing server owners for canceling their boost after just a day.

  • Heaven

    Right but we pay for it so we should be able to support what ever server we want to tho? there could be tons of reasons as to why we don't wanna support a server .. and its up to the server owner to make sure we feel right in their server if they want our support of boost. 5 days cool down is abit much and a huge rip off. Please change that rule .. if you wanna do a cool down then don't waste our money with a 5 day cool down .. do 24 hours at least .. 

  • 💕 Évelyne 💕

    I have the same problem right now ... i just got a 5days cooldown and I only have those 5days left on my nitro so I think I'm not gonna be able to boost anymore .... That's unfair ! I've never seen someone not able to control his own money , discord need to change this rule ASAP !

  • Bright

    It would be nice if like, when you boost you can reboost a server later on and or if you boost another server then that it doesnt remove the prev boost. This is just my own opinion it would make the nitro purchase more appealing 


  • kobeee

    Please change the 5 day cooldown its such a rip off and its annoying. I payed money for nitro and boosts so i should be in control of what I bought. Thank you very much. 

  • Qrax

    I have this exact problem right now, I don't get a 5 day cooldown. Way too long.

  • Peyton

    yeah i came across this and the countdown for me being able to server boost literally broke, it said 20 minutes so after that went up, i went to boost a server for a friend and LOOK AT THAT, it broke and now it wants me to buy it. started on the 21st and today's the 28th, i just think waiting a week would be too bad.

    maybe if they made the server boost countdown shorter, people would be able to do it more often and it has the possibility, (depending on the audience of people who are considering to buy nitro), to make them want it.

    sometimes you have to do things that are unfair for the benefit of others. you don't even have to change the price at all, if people see more perks come with just one month or one year and there is less wait for it, you're probably going to have more people getting Nitro over Nitro Classic.

  • So, i just boosted my server and after 7 days it was showing up an option cancel/change boost, so i thought i should try this and after boosting another server my nitro gone what should i do now?? if anyone know please tell me at my insta gram please.

  • Cabbage

    So lets say I boost a server (I have), and the month almost ends. If I move the current boost, does the month countdown for that boost reset, due to the fact it was for another server?

    Because then you could alternate what server you're boosting and never have to pay for another boost.

    That would be very dope

  • ルイ || Louis

    yeaa, i wanted to boost a re-boost a server after realising u cant stack a 1y and 1m nitro boost and now ill have to wait 5 days. Its so annoying. Please 

  • Yopi␈

    after all this they increased the cooldown to 7 days

  • Honestly, I think the cooldown should be at least 3 days. 7 Days are really long and I don't have that much time left on my nitro :(

  • fourscoreworld

    Please why 7 days if let people pay for nitro boost change the 5 day cooldown its such a rip off and its annoying. I payed money for nitro and boosts so i should be in control of what I bought. Thank you very much. 

  • Vortex001

    I am the BUYER. It's a disgrace! I have paid for Nitro and I want to be in control of my Boosts as well, (NOT ONLY NITRO SUB) 24/7/365!

  • Tikepo

    I understand the need to prevent people switching willy nilly. However after triple boosting a server for a full year I want to move one to another server. There is no decrease in server level for the server it is moved away from. There is no good purpose of applying a cool down in this circumstance

  • Aesir-Ashura

    i have the same probleme there is am owner that is very toxic to me so i want to leave and unboost his server so i can use it somewehere else but i still need to wait 3 days thats bullshit

  • steryotipical anime lover

    reading all these comments,do you think 7 day boost cooldown is a good idea? we shouldn't have the wait. lets say you boost a server and before the boost cooldown ends you realise that a server doesn't deserve a boost. How are you supposed to get your boost back? cooldown is too long and should be eliminated.  people were already complaining about 5 days, but what did you do? made it 7 days, thats not gonna make the community happy thats just going to make them angrier


  • . .

    7 days cooldown is not smart is all i got to say.


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