Copy/Pasting permissions


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  • tom25.08



  • ShadowyDevilKSGC



  • Kitano

    I agee with this. Also the possibility to COPY PASTE a ROLE to a NEW ONE. Categories too please!

  • Lagaffe91

    Copy permision for a category to another, still a dream :'(

  • Nya Kat

    I have had to make many servers and I know this would make things easier 

  • 𝓈𝓅𝒾𝒸𝓎

    I just made a discord server and was looking for this exact same feature, oh wait, it doesn't exist.

    we need this feature

  • xDaBigBadWolfx

    Would absolutely love this feature, would make things a whole lot easier.

    Also adds this for roles as well like Kitano in the comments above said.

  • BenK

    There any update on this? It would be huge!

  • DaniLikesMilk

    I also needed that feature for my Discord Server that has 4 categories.

  • Yufel

    I would love something like this to be added

  • Kiri

    This post may be dead, but if the discord admins see it, this would be a super useful addition, being the owner of a server with more than 30 active channels, things get clogged up. We archive channels every now and then on my server and my friends. Having said that, I cannot just throw permissions on a category for it to work, i have to edit each roles permissions on every channel that i want certain people to not see or not talk in. Thanks

  • Spoutinwyze

    Just had one member of the group turn sour, so had ot change a channels settings. his vitriol spewed into other channels, so yeah, im going to have to do this for all te channels, and "sync" doesnt explain what it synchs to. Is there a default template i didnt see it synchs to?

  • commread squidward(monke simp)

    ya I want this too and also in categories and channel perms too

  • VLEET7

    Please implement this!!!!

  • kakDeluxe12

    Yeah, its a need... Not just a want.

  • [J/MG] Test Account

    It's a very important option, I still don't understand why it's not already available. The time saved would be incredible.

    Discord we need to talk.. WE WANT THIS LIFESAVING OPTION!! 


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