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    Due to the lack of Apple subscription APIs are we currently unable to offer subscription changes for boosting on desktop or Android when you are subscribed through the Apple app store at this time. In order to purchase additional boosts you will need to use the iOS app.

  • Trucker_Carl

    i have the same issue i wanted the nitro boost bought nitro classic thinking i would be eble to upgrade but NO you can not nitro boost is not eaven a option on apple  now i also have to wait one month with a subscribtion of nothing this is bullshit !! and when you go on the desktop version of discord and you try to upgrade cause the button to upgrade is there !! but when you push it it sends you to a help crap page from apple 

  • Paul

    Pretty much the same for me, except I subscribed for a year. Yes, I didn't understand that Nitro Classic was unable to boost servers, I know now. I want regular Nitro, but I am subscribed via Apple for a year, and from what I read, even if I cancel the subscription, it's active until mid-2020. So it seems that no matter how much money I wanted to throw at this (i.e., even if I want to just throw away the rest of the year I'm entitled to under Classic), it doesn't look like I can do it until my Apple subscription expires, months and months from now. That's... obnoxious. I'm trying to support Discord more than I have, and basically can't. Unless I have missed something in my searches so far.

  • bells

    : ) imagine buying nitro and not being able to boost servers even though that’s what it was meant for

  • Rjak

    Year has passed since the first post... Still same problem.. Are you going to do anything to this before 2021?

  • !GBC✨🚨🔨

    I have same issue i bought server discord payed 9$ with apple but its not work what i should (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ do ?

  • 𝘽𝙖𝙨

    Wow, and it still hasn't been fixed. Subscribing for nitro is all about the boosts! How do they not say that before the purchase?

  • www.marcus.com

    Try this — I subscribed for a year of classic a weak or two before Boosting came out. I now have to wait until May to boost a server. This is hot ass.

  • Zozo Rabbit

    Yeah I legit don’t understand wtf they were thinking

  • Scherana

    Same problem for me, I was so happy I could all do it over phone! Bought the nitro for a full year. And THEN I read when trying to boost that it’s not accessible. I waited now a whole year in 2 weeks the sun runs finally out and THEN I hope I can just resub over credit card and finally boost my server!

  • Gogi*GEO

    Any solutions since a while? Have the same shit.

  • Bovirifa Bott i'm trying to

    help nitro my


  • Envy.


  • SupremeSnails

    I am not happy! I just used my iPhone to get a 1 year nitro boost so I could load in music recordings. Not only did it NOT accept my music files, I didn’t even get access to my boosts or emojis!!! Seriously, if Apple doesn’t support Discord features, you need to stop offering it for sale with Apple Pay at least! It’s not right to pay for a years worth of service in return for nothing!!!!

  • <3

    wait so i got nitro, got my two boosts and only used one and then i renewed my nitro and didnt get the 2 other boosts because im paying through apple??? wth...

  • Chheangg

    Discord! You stole our money.

  • Squagill

    used iphone to sub.

    We don't currently support upgrades to Nitro for subscriptions through Apple. You can cancel your subscription through Apple's Subscription Management, but the subscription will remain active until its expiration date.


  • gaykez

    bruh 2 years and no fix. thanks discord.

  • Skylar ♡

    Yeah honestly I wanted to buy boosts for servers that I like or for my server just to get the message about my subscription being handled by Apple and I can't upgrade and all that shit. Kinda annoying because even though I have the Nitro that gives two boosts, I can't even buy more because I paid for my subscription with Apple lol. I wonder when they'll change that or do something about that. 

  • Pie

    Guess it's something against Apple's policy. You can purchase subscription but server boosts are not in Apples policy so they blocked it.

    As many people use Apple and it's easier to purchase boost from there - Discord will keep this option just to charge us for additional cash and boosts? Well... you'll wait one month and will be able to reconfigure your options :)))

  • barnyard benny

    they won’t let me do it on my pc either because i bought my subscription through paypal on my iphone. i mean SERIOUSLY???

  • GingyGames

    Bought Nitro W/ 2 server boosted on IOS used on the same server, No role, no title, just shows im boosting server?? What is this?

  • Rjak

    Yeah if you have 1month sub, but what if you buy whole year? Wait year... Becose if you change the payment method it just cancels your sub and you lose the payed money. I say if you cant fix it, drop apple off then tottaly.

  • disappeared be back soon!

    yeah.. i wanted discord nitro for upgrades and actually boost my bsf’s server. she’s been my best friend since grade 2 and even tho we’re still apart bc of quarantine, the best thing to gift her rn is to boost her server or gift her nitro. i couldn’t access my card rn so meaning i have to wait until march 25. Yes i have to wait but i still wouldn’t be able to boost my favorite server which is her server :( ...

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Can’t u just go on apple refund page then refund discord nitro? It worked for me in Minecraft idk tho

  • vorbuh

    its honestly stupid, i boosted a server already and 3 days later i tried boosting another, it doesnt work and it has the same exact error. i dont want to try and cancel and repurchase the same subscription.

  • emmie

    payed monthly through apple for about 4 months. my last subscription expired july 30th, i am still not able to subscribe to nitro through my debit card, it says i’m still subscribed through apple when i canceled the subscription LONG ago. called apple support on august second and they told me to wait it out. a week later and i still can’t “upgrade”. i just want to be able to have a banner which isn’t available through apple payment for whatever reason, and use the gift my friend gave me and the gift that i had gifted myself. yet, i can’t redeem that either without a card attached. very upset:/

  • Silver_Lynx06

    2 Years and this still a thing???? Discord come on...
    Subscribed through apple and just found out about this. Need to wait for subscription to end before I can keep boosting via the discord app? Seriously?

  • Nick B.

    So check this out, I have been on discord for 5 years with nitro through apple. I finally decide I am done with wasting my money for absolutely nothing. So I cancel the subscription tonight. Only to find out that once I cancel the subscription, they force me to use that same subscription through apple for the REST OF THE YEAR that I cancelled. COME ON. Why isn't there an option for me to Stop Subscription Services and even just buy it again on my PC. I would spend the money again like a fool, but I can't even do that. Fix it. 

  • Bonny

    Yeah i get the same thing over and over again. Very very sad.


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