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  • Commentaire officiel

    Hey there! We've now added a feature so that you're able to manage your email notifications:

  • dnknitro

    Discord for windows has a bug when I "close" the app with keyboard (Alt+F4) - it actually closes instead of hiding in the system tray. In that case without email notifications enabled I miss a lot of messages. This is very frustraiting.

  • Mariana Trench Coat

    Same here. Discord doesn't support my Kindle Fire or my phone, so I can only use it on my laptop. I disabled them a while back because it started being a little too much for my inbox, but now I'd like to re-enable them since I inevitably miss messages because I don't have my laptop 24/7. Please let me re-enable email notifications :(

  • Jacksaur

    Spoke directly to Support, and even they don't have a way of reenabling notifications themselves.

    Without exaggeration, this is one of the most ridiculously stupid things I've heard from a service before. It's baffling that such a basic function has been absent despite requests since 2 years ago.

  • Tiara

    Still nothing for changes. So, i must delete my account and create new one for be with email notifications??? All in history, all my discord servers will be lost???

  • quessler

    Wow, ridiculous. Why can't we turn on email notifications? What is wrong here, Discord? 

  • DillonB07

    This is ridiculous!

    I turned these off AGES ago, because they were annoying, but now I'd love them!

  • Parker P

    I created my discord account ages ago and recently started re-using it. Now I'm on a bunch of servers and can't keep up with all the channels, but would like to be notified when someone @-mentions me. I haven't been able to find a way to get email notifications...maybe I'm missing something?

  • codywohlers

    As mentioned above, this feature was literally left out when the system was built, as not even support can re-subscribe you.  


    Why is beyond me

  • dboing

    massively multiplayer instant narrow text window real-time communication.  that is why.  historical inertia or fanaticism for wide and shallow exchanges, veneration of cryptic concision, the art of flame warring.   etc....  threads don't fit in channels... who needs to refer to past post topic (wait posts can't have topics, so no need for reply to post specificity, assume that the user memory in within the currently rendered channel buffer.  2 or 3 posts (if conform to concision and cryptic dogma) horizon past.  maybe there is an epidemic of short term memory problems with retention time.  There is a flattening theme in all of this.  This is just the trends, let us all consent, what was I talking about.  sorry for the mental intrusion into longer than acceptable paragraphs.  so fun to write knowing I have exceeded the user reading buffer, and i can write anything, and hear the sound of my keyboard clicks (my microphone is muted). etc..... ah that feels good.  thanks for this text box. not the typical size.  yippee-yeah.

  • Miguel



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