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  • asslyn

    I'm interested in this feature as well. Swiping between pictures inside a chat and although having an overview over the uploaded images is an intuitive way to view and move between image-based content.

    I made screens how it could look. Plz, think about it.

  • JokerXDexter-2.0

    Yes, Please make this feature ❤️

  • Nikgay

    This is such a simple, yet very efficient feature - would love if they added to desktop and mobile!! sometimes when you send a string of images, it's annoying having to click to expand the image, then click out, click the next image to expand, and just repeat... Swiping would be so much quicker!!

  • Hijargo

    Big bump. Sad that discord has the option for image only channels but doesn't have a function to navigate full size images without minimizing and maximizing each individual image. Seems like a big oversight.

  • Harbringer


    that would be awesome

  • Crim

    I'd echo this request. I wish I could browse images in a channel with arrow keys. Full-screen discord, have images display at their full resolution (or scaled down to fit if they exceed the display area) and navigable by arrow keys (or swiping on mobile).

  • Lira

    bump wtf it's been like years

  • amobley1108

    Bump! We really need this feature

  • L A M A W A V E


  • Lelefant

    Flipping through the images without leaving the image view would help comparing two images, e.g. screenshots with minor differences (like comparing quality settings in games). In this case, it would especially be useful to flip through the images without any animation.

  • Mukduk


  • Nostrra

    This definately needs to be a feature, on upload the option to 'Add multiple' and then automatically collate those images into a gallery that can be expanded and swiped on mobile would save a lot of space and still get across images.

  • Duke Fazer Grant

    Please, PLEASE add this feature! It really disappoints me that I can only view one single image in a channel, click out and then click on the next image to see it. That's just inconvenient as hell.

  • 127

    I own a couple of education-oriented servers and we share a lot of image sequences which would benefit a TON from this feature. I've been thinking about asking about it for a while and found this thread.

    From a software development perspective this is an incredibly easy to implement feature and I really do hope it gains some traction!

  • Dwayne Johnsins

    People at discord dumb enough to realize that this is an important feature

  • Alfy

    Hope this feature will be implemented.

  • Greenspore

    This would be so amazing for me.


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