Booting Discord on the window it was last open


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  • JR 01

    Ok so as of today, this now works.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

  • JeMHaDaR

    it does work for me assuming I have not rebooted then it opens on the first monitor again and i have to moved it to my 2nd. This also happens after discord has done an update then it reverts to my first monitor

  • Endorakai

    Better compatibility with the browser version (no download/in-browser) for all browsers currently in use would be the more likely approach to eliminating issues on any platform while minimizing coding needed. Right now, on the Xbox (Xbox Edge Browser), the in-browser client fails to load the website properly. This causes the website to just spin the loading icon forever... Wished this would get fixed. UWP would the BEST way to include it on Xbox - While we are talking about compatibility and inclusion to Discord across platforms.


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