Xbox gamespass redeem not working


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  • 么 Cêku
    This place is only used for new feature notifications, please send your problems to you can do nothing but suggestions here.
  • Jeff22

    Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution McDVoice Survey

  • r0_hit

    same with me



  • dennys

    I got Discord Nitro, and thanks to that I have a code for 3 months of Game Pass, I tried redeeming it to but it just doesn't work, it tells me:

    Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page.

    Can someone please help me and thanks

    Edit: I needed to redeem the code on the Xbox App, Thank you to everyone who helped here


  • MrsPyra

    Same issue here! Wtc do we do?? The one moment i wanted to use it and knew i had the nitro bonus,and there's not 1 place i have tried using it, that actually redeems it...*feelsbadman*SADFACE* Heres Microsoft windows app,discord,and xbox windows companion. 

  • dennys

     Hey all , I received the xbox game pass redemption code from samsung with my preorder of the Moga x5+ controller and it will not work no website

  • jordan sewing

    Hi, I am facing same kind of issue. I have tried redeem code but it's not working. Looking for solution please help me Factory Blinds & Plantation Shutters Newcastle

  • markkevin123

    Thanks for the update and quick response. I am sure you will follow this topic. I'm looking for the same problem.

  • thomasrichard

    Endeavoring to reclaim my Xbox gamespass for PC and am recieving this blunder while recovering:

    "Check the directions that accompanied your code. You may have to recover it on an alternate site page."

    and furthermore

    "Xbox. If it's not too much trouble, recover this code on your control center." 

  • matinsnaff

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  • panoramacharter

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  • 🎃 ^_Lucas_^ 🎃

    Tengo el mismo problema 

    Como puedo solucionarlo?

  • techoram

    Hi there,

    the redeeming issue currently present is for all code redeeming as far as I know (, 

    but to be sure please double check to see if the subscription is showing there.

    If the subscription shows, try the following steps

    1.     Remove profile from the console (Make sure you know the account credentials for the account, since you will need them later)
    2.     Perform the manual power cycle steps like mentioned on the following link, be sure to wait at least 60 seconds before powering on again:
    3.     Redownload your profile

    If these steps fail or the subscription isn't showing, then its best to contact Xbox Support (via Phone or Microsoft Support Chat) at

    You said you already contacted them via Phone, but I suggest to contact again via Phone or Chat.

    Let us know the results




  • liamerickson

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  • John David

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  • Jameson434

    First, ensure that the code you have is to be redeemed on your Xbox and not on the game's or publisher's website. Also Chek Here

  • messymoko05

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