Server boost numbers


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  • Ace The Black King

    Im with you here. Thats why i got nitro but immediately canceled when i saw that i needed someone else just to get to level 1 and my server is mostly teens who cant buy nitro to boost the server. Im not a fan of this system

  • j͜͟1̶̨͝2̢͠2͢͝1̧j

    i think they make it 2 people so u cant buy nitro for yourself and get perks by boosting your own server

  • Brey

    Why can’t you boost your own server? You’re paying $10 a month for it so why can’t you get the level 1 perks?

  • j͜͟1̶̨͝2̢͠2͢͝1̧j

    Bc they want your server to have a community and if people like your server they will boost it. They also want money


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