Add Github as a Profile Connection



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  • Miau

    Definitely would love to see a github profile connection, as a game developer I want people to be able to visit my github profile to view my opensource repositories and the likes.

    I sent a support request to github, asking them to reach out to discord to get their connection added. I hope it works out!

  • Zone

    I agree with this Idea !

  • Puyodead1

    This is something I would love to see added to Discord since there are lots of developers that regularly use Discord.

  • shel

    The programming community on Discord is getting bigger right? Seems like a no brainer to me for Github & SO to get in there

  • boatie

    Agreed, would be awesome

  • Floffah

    this would be really good. even if it was only unlockable if you have dev mode on it would still be cool

  • Waitrose

    Bumping this as it would be really good - There are many verified devs, smaller devs, etc who would like to show off their work.

  • boatie

    GitHub would not need to reach out to Discord, unless you wanted a partner or something the Discord GitHub account ( can go into settings and create a "Login in With GitHub" button. Even I have done this, it is very easy and requires minimal steps. Account linking, not signing up with GitHub, is also very easy to do.

  • Asad

    yeah boy

  • !Haka.Code

    unfortunately the github icon in the mobile version is not visible, only the username, maybe in the next update I hope it works.

  • Miau

    The github profile connection has been added.


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