Lifetime Nitro


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  • TheRudeDude
    I don't think so that the feature you suggested will be useful enough to be implemented
  • Koro

    Boi discord nitro is and will forever be a subsription.
    Stop with all your giftcard bs, this is just another add *insert random prepaid solution here* thread

  • nutella

    what's the purpose? not trying to be mean but can't you just keep renewing the subscription?

  • Big Boss

    Most lifetime subscriptions are cheaper long term if you plan to keep purchasing the product. For example in this case discord would probably charge around $500 USD for a lifetime nitro membership and then if you planned to have for at least 5 years then it would basically be free after that.

  • Erika Asuna

    I personally will never buy Discord Nitro unless they add a lifetime option, you're going to end up wasting throusands of dollars for a subscription that has little to nothing to offer (one that removes all your privileges the moment you stop paying).

  • Vlerden

    My problem with subscription based requirements is that I like to plan for the long run with things I invest in.  Right now I'm living comfortably, so I can invest in something I like.  However, if my job situation changes I don't want to have a complete lifestyle change to go along with it.


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