More control over custom statuses in servers


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  • AL

    They really need something like this added, as when people are "muted" they often talk through their status which is really bothersome.

  • JoeGosh

    I completely agree with this suggestion and I highly suggest you vote yes. 


    The fact you raised regarding PG/family friendly discord channels is completely true. People can abuse this right and make it unconformable for teenagers in that discord server for example or even older people who don't like this tone of language. Being apart of and owning multiple discord servers in the past, and moderating PG discord servers in the present day having an option to toggle custom statuses for the server would be a huge step in the right direction. 

    I really hope this suggestion is considered, please consider voting yes!

  • DeadlyFoxx

    This would definitely help! I totally agree this should be added

  • Sam 🎄

    100% agree with these change being put in effect.

    As a Community Manager of a server myself, the lack of control we are endued with is highly low involving this topic. Throughout the server I work for, we have daily issues of those choosing to have inappropriate names, leading to these people becoming annoyed or in circumstances, leaving. Though I do think more control should be provided, custom statuses can be a great way for us to communicate with our community, in the past, many have put something negative on their status and we have chosen to reach out to them, resulting in a more positive outlook and in all, a happier community. With this being said, I think Discord should for fill adding a feature for administrators to disable custom statuses on the individual servers, or if better, filter out language from the status and then send a message to a staff member alarming them that this has been done so it is easier and more beneficial for servers instead of constantly having to check on the player list. I think especially with the NSFW feature Discord provides, something should as well be taken into account for this issue.

    I hope Discord takes action to this issue and continues to make Discord a safe place for all as they have never lacked to do so! 

  • Sonolanders

    Agreed. There should be a option on role permission where we can toggle custom status. That way only trusted people will be able to show their status.

  • MasterBenedict

    Still waiting on this, none the less need it though. I'd quite like it if you could filter statuses. Especially if discord could allow access to that in the API so bots could do it. It would be great if you could server mute someone's status so it doesn't show up when viewing their profile from the server. 


    Edit: AL summed up one of the main reasons I need this! There is no perfect way of getting rid of it apart from ban/kick.

  • InsertAccountNameHere

    I completely agree with this, I'm not good with lengthy responses but I feel like discord servers (admins/owners) should also be able to hide profile pictures in the same way as they too can be... Much more inappropriate

  • TheDankMan

    A hundred and TEN percent agreed! I can't wait until the custom status "Has foul language " or "NSFW" stops flooding in!


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