Buying Nitro using BAT on Brave browser


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  • AnnoyingRains Games

    Absolutely! I use brave as well and would love this!

  • Hope

    The majority of Discord Users haven't heard of something like that. Discord wouldn't bother adding something that only like 100 users or so know.

  • vita

    Hope, are you part of the discord development team? No? Then why do you speak for them? Kinda annoying tbh


  • Hope

    @vita what's so bad about giving my own opinion? If I wouldn't be allowed to do so, I wouldn't have the option to comment on this.

  • jackocat2

    @Hope What they are trying to say is that you are making a say in the matter from the dev team, your opinion matters but don't speak for someone else 

  • babakai

    The Brave Browser currently has 8.7 million active users. I think it would be a really cool feature.

  • DiscordError101

    @Hope if discord like said that you could now buy discord nitro with BAT from Brave everyone would go to search up for brave and what is BAT because there are so many scams that are like: Hey write user name and hastag for discord nitro to be sent to ur account with a bot. Ppl would be so happy if u could do that cuz come on why not it would be the best thing ever,like if u had discord nitro for 1 month the whole month u could be using Brave to get more BAT to get nitro AGAIN when it runs out.

  • Name 2.0

    Can't you just sell BAT to USD and buy nitro?

  • Chad

    @Hope You're giving an opinion that isn't something that you should voice. The developers can understand that better than you do, and your statistics realistically are wrong. Also, you're acting as if every voice should be heard, no. An opinion that speaks out how to better improve an idea is one that matters, yours does not.

  • 漂白™

    I think that idea is cool. But you could just sell BAT and use that money to buy nitro but I agree.


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