Make a server down


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  • Vox

    If you have anything to tell me my name tag is ♫ ✯~✯ ♪#3526

  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    Nice idea(i lik)
    1 modification tho...
    Darker server icon:green
    Under maintenance logo at bottom right:red(replace w/ the fact that IF the person clicks it then it blocks everything saying
    Thus server has been closed till dd/mm/yyyy will be extended by owner if need be
    The server will reopen in x days/months/yrs
    Plus sry if this is insulting but certain bots have the ability to execute a lockdown cmd that lock out members
    I don't remember if it locks out all ppl below the bot role/all ppl below bot role w/out admin perms/allowance from owner,etc.

  • Vox

    Of course (i only made this with paint btw)

    Yeah i guess only the moderator or mermbers with admin permissions would have the possibility to lock the server !

    And they will choose which role/members can still see the serverI like the xdays/weeks/mounths btw and yea discord and bots gotta deal with it :/

  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    Yea true
    If ya wanna the bot that ik that has the lockdown cmd is Unbelievaboat
    I would advise getting an alt or a friend to test out all the roles when you trigger the lockdown to know who gets blocked and who doesn't, would advise putting the unbelievaboat role that is made when that bot joins is put to the top, unless your lazy and give them a hidden role that allows you to do the giverole cmd, if that still exists (what it does is you say giverole @mod or something like that, plus auto role but if u want a verify setup then that's possible to just dont use autorole them and give the @everyone role(listed on role list but not listed on user role list) no perms to speak anywhere except in a channel that only no one except you, bots and those ppl with out a role rable to chat and set all bots except unbelievaboat ignore all cmds and use the disable cmd command to make sure they don't try any funny business...

  • Vox

    Would be long and hard working, impossible for those who don't know how and cause many problems :/

    Having this feature would save time and make sure no member has access to the server letting pp having peace while configuring their server ! New members with n knowledge of doing this setup would gain so much time

    And of course this could be done for:

    If someone is spamming and don't have time to fix this

    bad word abuse


    if a information is seen by anyone


    for exemple

    Unbelieva bot will for sure be seen bu members in the server

    They could interact with it for sure

  • Atmo

    Good idea!

  • Ears

    What’s your discord tag now??


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