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  • maoman

    Yes! Please, for the love of god... I try to keep my DMs clear of randos so it's just the people I care about at the top, and now not only do I have this random post that I don't care about, but it has a BRIGHT BLUE BADGE next to it so every single time I look at my DMs I can't HELP but see it.

  • no...

    yes i got this too SO ANNOYING

  • Ciaran

    I got a temp fix for you dude, use discord on a phone, swipe on the DM so the right bar appears and then click three dots and press close DM, this worked for me, but itd be useful to actually do that on pc 

  • Eventide

    Yeah I have the same issue here. I keep my DM list small because I get agitated when there's too many open at once. It's also irritating that there's just this one I can't close for whatever reason.. I read the message, I don't need it staying there.. I get that they really want people to read it, but there should be a way to verify you read it, then close it.

    Looks like, as was said by Ciaran, you can close it on mobile but not PC..Once you close it on mobile though it does disappear even on PC, so that's nice, but they really need to let us just close it on PC. I assume this is an oversight that'll get fixed, but then I have seen people reporting this before.


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