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  • xiechong

    I have been nitro user for months, suddenly mine stopped working, even though it shows im subscribed in my app and desktop version, discord hasnt even responded to any of my emails, I am going to cancel it if these people dont do anything, its costly as it is, then it wont work, not worth the 10$

  • NewWinter

    at least u got a confirmation email.... 3 hours after purchase still no confirmation email and no perks/features! i've updated the app since and still nothing! not very happy @dicord!

  • fins

    Just purchased a 9.49 subscription on my iphone yesterday. Haven't received a conformation email money has gone from my bank. Would be nice for discord to prioritise payment issues as I haven't got any help from them as of yet

  • saynigga

    My nitro was working just fine earlier today but when i logged back onto discord it had disappeared. It still shows that i am subscribed but i don’t have the badge or i cant use any animated emotes or anything. I have emailed them multiple times and they have answered but it didn’t help me at all. I’m so confused i don’t know where my nitro went. 💀


  • buddyigotdoritos

    im mad


  • leducksauce

    To anyone reading this: please, for the love of God, please DO NOT buy Nitro via Apple. This method does NOT work. You will probably not get Nitro and even if you do, if you had any active Server Boosts before, you are royally f**ked - Discord will double-triple charge you for those.

    If you do subscribe on iOS, you will be in for a wild ride. I'm already 4 support tickets in and no solution. Nobody cares.

    Don't say I didn't warn you!

  • Klaus

    I Just purchased a 9.49 subscription a hour ago and it isn’t even working rn. I bought it off my iphone

  • .las

    I bought 50 dollar nitro man and it doesn’t work wtf help

  • ! Yazz

    hey i bought nitro just now the 10 dollar one i haven't got mines yet i refreshed the page and everything. im not very happy .

  • Overall the only way for me that u got nitro working is Gifting yourself. Here’s how, buy gift nitro, Send the link on your desktop to yourself, Then go on mobile and accept it

  • Lib

    Seems like lots of us are facing issue, and discord tried to blame my payment, when I already got confirmation from my bank and GLC that the amount was sent successfully to discord. I had to upgrade to higher plan for this stupid thing to work, so now it's started working, but I've set next month's nitro to my normal plan. let's see how it goes

  • buddyigotdoritos


  • Cub 🐻

    Seems like it's a pretty major bug. My nitro got renewed on the 18th and now it's going whack. No symbol next to my name, emojis only show up in text not images, yet discord says Im subscribed. Absolute bullshit if you ask me

  • Cub 🐻

    I emailed

  • k3

    Please I contacted them 5 times and still have no nitro, I bought it twice already man.

  • gr9vee


  • ant

    I’ve recently bought the discord nitro subscription, I bought the 5 dollar one and I got the notification but my nitro did NOT show up I had no badges no anything.

  • XayHoe(Baptist)💯

    Discord wont respond to my emails!!! Ive bought discord in the past with no problem..whats going on!

  • Reyy

    I just bought $10 nitro on iOS and it’s not popping up anything

  • ollie

    The same thing happened to me. I’ve tried everything thing I could, guess I just have to wait now.


  • The same thing is happening to me! 

    I bought Nitro on iOS (using a gift card), and it still hasn’t worked! I received the email, confirming that I had bought it, but on discord itself, the perks haven’t appeared. However, when I go and try to buy it again, it says that I already have Nitro on my account... This was a day ago.

    Yes, I have reloaded Discord. I even shut down my device multiple times, and it still won’t work! I cancelled the subscription, and then resubscribed, and nothing. :(

    I’ve emailed discord, and they’ve made an attempt to help, but all they could offer was to try to get a refund from Apple.

    I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens.

    Have any of you found the solution?

  • Haruki

    Has anyone found the solution to this? My nitro was working perfectly fine and now it doesn’t work. I even upgraded my plan. Lol. 

  • tichon

    I have the same problem, I hope they solve it at once. I also made the payment with my mobile phone balance. Greetings from the Spanish-speaking Community xd

  • invariant

    Same issue here.

  • AbdoRaz

    Same :'(

  • Lib

    Why haven't they fixed this bug?! It's been a whole month, I'm worried when my next month nitro renews they'll mess it up again for me.

  • Adept/JustRandom

    this is happening to me on ios guess i will wait and see what happens

  • Cobey 3

    Discord scammed me for 9.12, I bought 1 boost and thought it was just 1 but turns out it was a subscription, So i boosted my friends server and canceled the subscription,And once i canceled it the badge was somehow still on my account,So i bought a nitro gift and gifted it to myself and once i accepted it,I never got it so i have contacted google plays to get a refund and my girl friend also bought me some nitro and that never worked,Discord needs to get fixed 

  • iriszaa

    I lost money 80$ For me and friend but nitro bug and bug and bug

    and notified the developer but not corrected or accepted.

    So I decided to apply again. and send gifts to friends again It turned out that my friend's gift received it but didn't receive nitro. and i lost 10$ one time ofr my friend

  • AlexisUnicornlover7

    Yup same thing Is happening to me… discord just told me to file a refund from Apple… My best guess is that I lost my money.


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