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  • Bobby(Communist Pikachu)#3605

    they can be malicious Discord banned them for a reason because of them being used for malicious intentions


    Copy of https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029279832-Bring-back-our-selfbots-

    Selfbots are against the TOS, also people can just use a bot account. 

  • I see no reason bringing back Discord selfbot they are used for malicious intent

  • xxxtentacle

    discord could easily limit the selfbot API to make them possible, but less likely to spam or be malicious


    1 token per selfbot which is locked in when you start the bot (thus helping to prevent selfbot raids)

    more strict rate limiting

    allowing server owners to enable or disable the use of selfbots on their server




    ... There is no "selfbot API" and selfbots ARE against the Terms Of Service and risk your account being deleted. 

    Ratelimiting wouldn't help and also there is actual bot accounts and the actual API and gateway for a reason. 

    So all of the reasons to "bring back/allow selfbots" would just be a no from the Discord Developers. 

    Also there isn't a way (from what I can tell) to detect selfbots unless they use commands and their own account responds to it.. 

    So I highly doubt they would ever allow it on Discord or take it off of their TOS. 

  • xxxtentacle

    By selfbot api i meant the fact that the api to develop selfbots is already there, just a few lines here and there and its a selfbot.

    Discord could in fact make a new api for discord with stricter rules in place and lock the old api for accounts registered as bots, not users.

    While there are bot accounts, i see people using selfbots in dms in order to have fun with friends. Its like having a discord bot in dm

    Thats another reason it should not be against tos and rather than banning it, discord should embrace it and limit it. People are going to use them anyways. They do not have a detection for them either. The only risk is being reported which is slim to none if people only do it in private servers or dms with friends.


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