Threads improvement: collapse


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  • Nostrra

    This absolutely needs to be a feature and I basically consider threads 'half implemented', unless there's a scrolling div or a hard limit on visible threads things can get very messy very quickly. Discord already have functionality to collapse a section, use that for a channel with threads. 

  • Mega_JC

    Discord really needs to add this, the only way to currently hide threads of a channel automatically if you leave that channel is by muting it.

  • guy

    > I think threading in its current form is already better than what Slack has

    Mmmm, idk about that :P I really prefer Slack's threads over Discord's. It seems clunky in its present form. Honestly, I don't think you need threads in the left bar at all. They're just a comment that digressed into a conversation, so they should just be associated with that comment, imho. Click the comment to follow the thread. You don't even need the "SoAndSo started a new thread" message in the channel. Or titles...?? That's honestly so weird. It's based on the comment! That should be enough. I don't want to have to come up with a title for every thread I start when you can just look at the comment that started it to see what the thread is about. But I guess since they do want to put it in the sidebar, it makes sense that they would require a title. But again, they shouldn't be in the sidebar to begin with lol. The top bar is absolutely fine. I actually like that. But they don't need titles for that; you can just click the thread icon in the top bar, and it'll show you the comments that started threads similar to how it shows pinned messages.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled! I'm in a lot of IT servers where people ask questions for help, and I hate it how a random conversation can so often crop up and push their question out of the way so they don't get help :( This is a really awesome way to prevent that ^^ It just needs a little fine tuning.

  • Rana

    it should have collapse possibility, and inherit parent channel permissions

  • cosmoddd

    Collapse-able threads in UI feels like a logical next step for this new feature.  My channels are carefully pruned and although I like how the threads work, but I can imagine them taking over the sidebar and making it hard to traverse for more focused topics.

  • XANN

    Make sure to collapse threads by default for channels a user is not active in. I wouldn't want to have to go through and manually collapse every channel on a server I just joined before I can get a sense of the layout of the server.

  • schassis.eddi

    This feature is needed, it would be obnoxious if someone spammed threads or if there are too many threads going at once. Large communities already disabled threads.

  • ✨Spectra✨

    Please? why doesn't it just collapse when I return to the source channel for the thread? It's making it quite difficult to read things.

  • Ronny Orbach

    I want to add this is needed from a privacy perspective; We're using Discord for our internal company communications, and under the private management channel we use threads extensively for various sensitive discussions. Currently I have to be very careful when employees walk near my screen or before sharing the screen if Discord is visible, or use vague thread titles “just in case”.

    Being able to simple collapse and expand the entire list, or all threads for the server with a click (while having the parent channel badge light up with the sum of new notifications from all unread threads, without revealing thread titles) would be really helpful 🙏


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