My List o' Thread Suggestions


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  • Miyagiyoda

    • Turn a thread into a channel. If a mod sees a thread has sufficient traction, transform it into a channel.

    • Move posts into a thread. Threads either start a few posts in or a series of off-topic posts become thread worthy.

  • purplegrill

    the archive time of 3 weeks is optional and even if it's unlocked by your boost level, you are able to choose the 24 hour time etc. If that's not what you mean, any respectful community should listen to a nudging announcement that all threads should be made with the 24 hour time. 

  • Softwaring

    To the following response ( by Miyagiyoda)

    • The problem with your first bullet point is the actually the brains behind this suggestion. There are a lot of questions in the air regarding this such as: Why not just create a channel in the first place? How will discord AI know to create a channel? How will it create a channel? What permissions will it assign to the channel? There are a ton more, but you get my point.
    • The second bullet point, I am a bit confused by to be honest. But, I believe what you are trying to imply is that if someone says something in a channel, and a thread had been created for a topic along the lines of the response, move the response to the thread. If I am correct with was I said above, this goes back to my first response, there are a lot of questions that can be very confusing: What if the user does not want their message to go in a thread? How in the world are you going to create an accurate AI for this? Why spend resources on this when you can just post in a thread?

    Anyways, this is just my side of things. As an engineer, you need to find what is efficient and practical, and what you said above in my opinion is just not realistic. 


    To the following response ( by purplegrill)

    • Thank you for responding to my suggestions list. I have analyzed your comment and you have made some fantastic points. Currently, you are able to set the default time until a thread expires, but the problem is that the user is able to change that default time. My suggestion for this was to add a possible button in the UI next to the default time to make it so that the users cannot change the default time. I totally agree that a respectful community would listen if an announcement was created but, the problem is for bigger growing servers, new members would disregard this. This would also be something that I believe would be a fantastic built-in feature.

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