As is, thread notification settings are set to all messages by default, which overrides the "@Only Mentions" option in "Default Notification Settings" in Server Overview settings. Would it be possible to adjust this to automatically be "Only Mentions"?


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  • Windy

    I'd prefer for it to automatically inherit the default of the channel itself (which most of the time is the server default which again most of the time is mentions only).

  • Improbability

    Yeah, baffling that this doesn't inherit from the channel.  It's frustrating to be hearing notification ping sounds, but not have any badges to tell you where they're coming from.  It was only after much searching that I finally made the connection with threads.

  • AUSNZ|Mori

    Threads have a lot of potential, however it should inherit the channel it is created in, similar to creating a new channel in a category.


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