Mouse compatibility for iPad app
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Request for "System default" option in settings for theme
35 votes 7 commentaires
Log in to discord easier by using just the username.
-35 votes 17 commentaires
Android app fails to auto-complete mentions when using Japanese input
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Change theme based on system theme
59 votes 13 commentaires
Add Discord Connection to Huawei Game Suite
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Camera Issues on IOS
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Bring back Call and Communication mode
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in-app Youtube player
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Oda yeri değiştirme
2 votes 4 commentaires
Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.
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Option to select role colors by RGB/Hexadecimal Value
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Multiple accounts
65 votes 6 commentaires
I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message
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Make server banner design consistent across PC and Mobile
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Not able to see photos
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Button to upload files from the iphone files app
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Showing what game we play on mobile
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Quicker Navigation between menus
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Allow 0 minute setting for "Push Notification AFK timeout"
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Please add the Music Status on IOS!
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Make a workaround for missing GCM/FCM on devices without google Play Services please
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"Share" button should share the media itself, and *not* a hyperlink to it
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Ability to give a specific person a custom ringtone on mobile
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New typing animations are causing lag
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Disable image compression Terminée
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Problem with using same number for different account
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Discord should have a media player on ios/android
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