i got banned from a discord server and the owner blockt me at the same time
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I can't login
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how to get my hacked account back
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Binance Referral Code: VO2P1RYP (What is referral code in Binance?)
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How do you get your hacked account back?
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No response to age appeal
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Does your account really get deleted after 30 days?
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My appeal has gone unnoticed for almost a month
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Reform Discord's rules regarding account!
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Account compromised
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Discord is not up to its task
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Conta suspensa e desativada por ''ser menor de 13 anos''
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My account got banned for no reason read the detail
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Discord ignoring my appeal tickets
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My account is disabled because of a joke.
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Help request with unban
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Feature request- Terms of Agreement for Channel Access
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How to get discord to unsuspended me
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banned for being underage , kids reporting for no reason
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Hacked accounts, please listen!
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Account False age Ban
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I received a discord account unlock notification, but I still can't log in
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Corruption in discord support
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I got suspended for discord for being Underage, even though I'm 15
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My account was falsely disabled for being underage
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