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  • Senip a ajouté un commentaire,

    Fingers crossed this gets added soon, Multi-game activity was implemented today!

  • Senip a ajouté un commentaire,

    I know! I'm so incredibly happy! I just wish we got some credit for contribution of ideas. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted this, But the similarity is too similar to the images I posted 7 ...

  • Senip a créé une publication,

    Multi-Game Activity

    BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Discord should have the option to display the game and music that the user is listening to simultaneously. Currently, The discord briefing and profile display one activity at a t...

  • Senip a ajouté un commentaire,

    Thank you guys!

  • Senip a ajouté un commentaire,

    I'm just throwing an idea out there, Discord is more than welcome to edit the idea to their liking. So yes, if you guys want it to be only 1 server that will work too! :]

  • Senip a créé une publication,

    Favorite Servers

    BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Discord should give users the ability to select their favorite servers and display them on their profiles. This would help users within the same community to share servers of com...