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  • Role Types

    You will can set a role type in any role, if you want. You would be able to set or as Perk, if you level up in a bot's level system you would get this roles and it could only be added by the bot yo...

  • Discord Avatars

    It would a great to have an avatar like in reddit!What you can do with this avatar?1. Exclusive stickers with your avatar. Like the "Wumpus Beyond" sticker pack, but with your avatar. 2. Exclusive ...

  • [FEATURE REQUEST] New Server User Settings (photo included)

    It would be a great idea to add more server user settings. There are only 2 option at the moment . Nickname and Server Avatar. Here are my suggestions:1. Custom StatusIt would be a great idea to ha...

  • Nitro Classic needs an update!

    So, nitro classic does not get the new perks and I believe some perks need to be in nitro classic to increase the Nitro Classic subscribers. Here is my opinion what should be add in Nitro Classic:1...

  • New Channel Types

    I have some ideas about new channel types!Form ChannelWe all use third party apps for a staff form. It would be cool to add this channel so users doesn't have to go on a third party app. Admins can...

  • Profile Color (With Image!)

    It would be cool to add Cutstom profile color for nitro users. I have seen 3 posts talk about it, but I create an Image with the new Discord Profile Banner! Here is the result: (THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!)

  • Nitro Perks ideas

    There are some ideas to add:1. Discount to stage ticketsI saw a post that is saying "Stage Discovery is coming to Discord" and the post also is saying that to join to a stage channel there you will...