Always be yourself unless you can be a panda, then always be a panda.

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  • Add WhatsApp as a Profile Connection

    Please remember that WhatsApp needs to reach out to Discord in order to implement this connection. If you are interested in this connection, feel free to upvote it!

  • Remove the emoji gap

    Remove the gap between the lines when there are only emojis in the message, as the desktop version More infos here:  Example on how...

  • Change the link-message option (Android)

    I would like to see Copy link instead of Share link in the message options menu. I am only using the link feature in discord, not outside.. so I just need to copy the link directly in the options m...

  • Do not create a copy of an emoji

    When adding an emoji to a server, Discord create a cooy of the file in the gallery, and I donjt think that is very useful, so I'm suggesting to not crrate a copy of it.

  • New Embed Thing

    Add a "Field Icon" to the embeds: a thing like author icon or footer icons but for Fields

  • New tab under User Settings

    A new tab under settings with invite link and description of official servers (Discord Testers and Discord Feedback) It could be cool for new users or normal users when they need to report a bug or...

  • + New permission: "Send Discord Invites"

    A permission under text permissions that can be given and who allows user to send discord invites, when someone try to send an invite, a popup with an error message appears.  

  • Spoilers

    the ability to open spoilers in inapp notifications

  • Highlight the text when using the search

    When you search something (example: hi) many message with others things than hi will be in the results, my idea is to highlight the word in the message results

  • Emote ID

    add a button to copy id in the server emote list (in the server settings)