Always be yourself unless you can be a panda, then always be a panda.

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  • Add WattPad as a Profile Connection

    Please remember that WattPad needs to reach out to Discord in order to implement this connection. If you are interested in this connection, feel free to upvote it!

  • Hide unavailable emotes

    When servers loose a boost level, all emotes above the limit will remain unavailable and be grayed out until someone deletes them/other emotes to fit the new limit. Showing unavailable emotes under...

  • Search Bar for Roles

    My idea is to add a search bar in the role list and in the role management menu (to add/remove role to peoples) right under nicknames

  • Highlight the text when using the search

    When you search something (example: hi) many message with others things than hi will be in the results, my idea is to highlight the word in the message results

  • Emote ID

    add a button to copy id in the server emote list (in the server settings)

  • Do not create a copy of an emoji

    When adding an emoji to a server, Discord create a cooy of the file in the gallery, and I donjt think that is very useful, so I'm suggesting to not crrate a copy of it.

  • Spoilers

    the ability to open spoilers in inapp notifications

  • + New permission: "Send Discord Invites"

    A permission under text permissions that can be given and who allows user to send discord invites, when someone try to send an invite, a popup with an error message appears.  

  • Friendly Time

    A "friends since..." line under friends profile, (not a badge). Right under the badges maybe

  • New Embed Thing

    Add a "Field Icon" to the embeds: a thing like author icon or footer icons but for Fields